Safety Helmets

About Safety Helmets

When working in certain jobs, it's always important that you wear the correct head protection. EN397 safety helmets are hardwearing heavy plastic helmets, which are designed to protect the wearer by withstanding glancing blows from falling objects or other hazards, and direct impacts thanks to the suspension inner providing a much needed buffer zone of around 1.2 inches, designed to protect against the impact of an objects force being transferred directly to the skull, thus lowering the risk of injury. Safety helmets come in a variety of different models, which allow the addition of accessories such as ear defenders, flashlights, safety visors or mirrors.

Head injuries are a commonplace work accident, and can easily be avoided by wearing the correct head protection. Safety helmets are essential PPE in the workplace, and are usually required when working in the construction trades or anywhere that you are at risk from falling objects and glancing blows to the head, such as building sites. Some hard hats are designed to carry further peripherals, such as ear defenders and even torches for low light situations, and depending on the worksite, can be either vented or unvented. Don't take any risks; ensure your safety by making a safety helmet part of your work wear attire.

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