Safety Harnesses & Lanyards EN 363

About Safety Harnesses & Lanyards EN 363

Safety harnesses and lanyards offer EN 363 Fall protection which is essential when working at heights and is suited for anybody working as a tree surgeon or window cleaner, by supporting the legs and back in a practical and comfortable manner. Falls are responsible for a large number of serious injuries and in some cases fatalities, so preventing them will pay dividends. Placing a fall protection system in place can make a massive difference. Outfitting your workers with the required harnesses and fall arrest products will give them the security they need when working near high rails and upon raised platforms. Operating in tandem with suitable fall arrest systems, they create an effective “lifeline” which is designed to absorb the impact of a fall and safely stop the wearer from hitting the ground, thus reducing the occurrences of serious injury or worse.

When working at heights, safety is an absolute must. A fall arrest harness could make the difference in an accident. Designed to minimise inertia from a fall, and reduce falling distance without causing strain injuries of whiplash, a safety harness is essential, if not mandatory piece of PPE which anybody working in construction or any other job involving heights would greatly benefit from.

Mammothworkwear stock a variety of personal fall protection systems which conform to BS EN 363:2008 standard. Our extensive range of accessories include safety lanyards, all conforming to either EN 355, EN 354 or EN 358; depending on use; with a selection of EN 360 retractable fall arresters also available. Products such as our  EN 361 safety harnesses, come over the shoulders and are secured at the chest and waist, with leg loops to provide additional support.

We also stock an excellent full body system from Portwest and DeltaPlus which not only functions as a fall safety product, but its integrated vest also adheres to EN 471 specification for high visibility clothing. Most work sites now require these exemplary protective accessories to be worn, whether you’re in a cherry picker, up on a scaffold, or scaling a mast or antenna - you know you’ll be in safe hands.

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