EN 352 Hearing Protection

About EN 352 Hearing Protection

EN 352 safety products must be worn in environments where noise levels exceed over 80dbs (the equivalent of a freight train passing at 15 metres distance), then EN352 hearing protection could be requested. When noise levels exceed 87db, then it becomes compulsory to do so. EN 352 compliant workwear comes in the form of ear defenders, which are either standalone over the ear designs, or clip-on ones which are made to work in tandem with a safety helmet. When used in conjunction with in-ear plugs, their effectiveness can be increased further.

The industrial and building sectors are usually noisy workplaces, and any workplace which has a noise level which exceeds upwards of 85 to 87Db is by law required to provide their workforce with suitable noise reducing PPE. Ear protection can help prevent against damage to the ears, problems which may lead more long term and permanent issues such as tinnitus or partial/complete deafness.

Regular ear defenders can be paired up with in ear plugs, for ultimately superior ear protection. Commonly most outer ear protectors are bound together and designed to sit like headphones or around the neck, but other designs are made to be clipped onto a safety helmet, providing your workforce with an excellent protective solution if you are concerned with employees suffering from both head injuries and prolonged exposure to excessive noise levels.

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