Respiratory Protection

About Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection is important when working with airborne particles and liquids. EN149 compliant workwear is ideal for working alongside any hazardous materials. Respiratory protection can be either a disposable mask with the following ratings: FFP1 for filters which catch at least 80% of all airborne particles, with less than 22% inward leakage. FFP2 for filters with at least 94% protection from airborne particles and less than 8% inward leakage and FFP3 which is the highest rating for a disposable mask, protecting the wearer from 99% of airborne particles with less than 2% inward leakage.

Half and full face masks work on a different principle because they utilise a slot-in, reusable system, allowing you to change the filters depending on the job at hand. Respirator protection can be fitted with gas filters made to protect the wearer against gases, vapours and solvents. Gas filters have a different system for rating them when compared to particulate filters, with some of the more common types being A1, A2, A1B1E1 and A1B1E1K1, all being suitable for different purposes. Always consult an expert before buying gas filters for your respirator.

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