Dr Martens Footwear

History of Dr Martens Footwear

Dr Martens is a well known brand of footwear steeped in history stretching back over 60 years. Dr Marten's ranges of footwear are world renowned for their air-cushioned sole (also known as Airwear). This iconic brand has become a veteran of the workwear market. Although known primarily for footwear, throughout 2010 Dr Martens will be introducing an entire line of workwear to its product range, to include dr martens trousers through to dr marten’s overalls and jackets.

Dr Martens; also affectionately known as Doc Martens and DM's have changed very little in their design over the years. The vintage styling of the iconic dr martens safety shoes and dr martens safety boots are instantly recognizable as high quality footwear and it is this distinct look that has made dr martens safety boots a truly unique brand of footwear.

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